Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why wait for service?

Remember when the elite had their own personal mechanics? Remeber when the elite did not have to wait for maintenance or service on their precious metal? Well, with the boom of technology, and the increased income base per capita, there are a lot of elites these days, and they deserve to go back to the old days. There is a company, (The Workshop Mercedes Benz) who is taking auto service back to personal attention. This company, not affiliate with Daimler/Chrysler group, MBUSA or its dealer network, is breaking the mold for Mercedes service.

Visit them online at The Workshop MB.

With service pricing that has reached an astronomical high (and getting higher), mobile service and maintenance provides less cost and more personal attention. Ok, you can get to know your service advisor, for 135-150 per hour and never see the guy who acutally takes care of your car!

The Workshop MB, cuts all that out! Why pay that when you can pay 85 per hour, get the same dealer quality parts and supplies, acutally MEET and get to know the person taking care of your car, and have the service brought directly to you!

Mercedes service has been a big mystery, and this company has unshrouded that so called mystery by putting the client in control! The Client decides on the service date, the client can be present as the acutal service is being performed! No need to worry about dings, scracthes, things not working after you pick your car up, because you will be present to oversee the whole proccess! You become the shop manager, its your 100,000 car, why shouldnt you be?

All in all, The Workshop MB is not trying to replace the dealers, but just letting Mercedes owners know that there is an alternative out there.

Ok, here is this: Your in a 2002 S500, at the mall, shopping. Suddenly, your drivers window will not come up, and your brake pad warning light comes on! Why call a tow truck? 1 800 992 3694, and a field service tech will be dispatched to handle your concern and have you back on the road in the time it takes you to run by Nordstroms, grab a bite to eat and pick up a grande peppermint mocha latte from Starbucks!

In most cases, the window is just a coding or intermitten electrical fault, and if you need brakes, they can be installed on the spot! How is that for personal attention.

Times are changing, so should Mercedes Service.


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